Value chain services

  • raw materials
  • factories
  • company
  • distribution
  • last mile
  • outlets
  • consumer

raw materials

  • Water treatment needs studies
  • Identification of ecological card and plastic
  • Maximising energy efficiency
  • Coolant


  • Certifications
  • Innovation in types of ice
  • Food safety training
  • Energy saving programme
  • Efficiency study
  • Innovation and ice typology
  • Control and management system maintenance and improvements
  • Facility design adhering to the highest safety standards


Our experience in this sector helps us to understand the unique challenges faced by ice manufacturers. If you wish to start a company and manufacture ice for human consumption, or wish to improve an existing company, we can help:

  • Vision, mission, targets and strategy
  • Business plan
  • Information system integration
  • Financing models
  • Subsidies
  • Training


  • Centres
  • Internal and external
  • Platforms