Food chain services

  • raw materials
  • factories
  • types of ice
  • distribution
  • last mile
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raw materials

We care about ice. That is why our raw materials - in particular, the quality and treatment of the water used - constitute a cornerstone of our success. Other raw materials include the plastic needed (organic and environmentally friendly initiatives), energy, card, coolants, and all the supplies that help us make perfect ice.

  • Plant layout
  • Civil works
  • Water analysis and treatment
  • Ice generating machines
  • Band saws
  • Drying tunnels
  • Refrigeration facilities
  • Electrical facilities
  • Pneumatic facilities
  • Hydraulic facilities
  • Production lines
  • Packaging lines
  • Palletising and automation system
  • Refrigeration rooms
  • The factory’s integral control and management system
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance systems
  • Manufacturing safety and quality controls
  • Complete municipal and industrial legalisation of the factory


We work with the most reliable and technologically cutting-edge companies. This, along with our determination and commitment to offer our clients the best on the market, make our facilities safe, efficient and long-lasting.

We are the official distributors of the global leading ice-sector machinery brands, such as Vogt® Tube-Ice® and Turbo®, COALZA, Inser Robótica, etc. We also have preferential commercial agreements with the main brands in the market.

types of ice


Whilst the industry has placed a major focus on the amount of ice produced and on efficiency (a large amount at a low cost), at Know Ice we care about ice, ensuring we achieve efficient amounts with maximum quality, providing a satisfying consumer experience. In our plants we have developed technological advances to produce an integral product, that is loose, compact, transparent and well cut. Perfect ice brought to you by Know Ice.


Ice consumption habits are diverse, meaning a wide product range is needed to meet each and every requirement. We achieve the kind of product that the consumer expects and offer guidance on a wide range of packs by size and quality.


Our experience in commercialising ice for human consumption has allowed us to design and improve distribution (RTM - Route to Market), with different models for both internal and external distribution.

  • Distribution centres
  • Internal distribution
  • External distribution
  • Platforms

last mile

The “last mile” is the spearhead of all FMCG (Fast Moving Consuming Goods) producers. We offer guidance on the different types of lorries and vans, their typology and efficient design for delivery.


We have started a new journey with our own distributions network, with technological advancements to control client stock, activation at the outlet, supply of freezers that adapt to client needs, and the sales assistance required to achieve excellent service and customer satisfaction.


Our market research has allowed us to understand when and why our consumers purchase. We produce just the right type of ice and pack that the consumer needs for every kind of consumption event.