COVID-19 Contingency plan

guarantee the safety of your employees, factory and products

Faced with the complex health emergency we are experiencing with the presence of the coronavirus, it is vital to be equipped with the preventive measures necessary to rule out any risk of infection among workers and their families, guaranteeing a 100% safe product for your clients at all times. Know Ice can implement the necessary protocols in your company or factory, and provide the materials needed that best adapt to your situation.

staff protection

Create and implement new protocols that are now essential for any enclosed space. Today, detailed studies of spaces, personnel and needs, team talks and correct signing, are essential.

Compulsory use of face masks
Maintain the safety distance
Clean hands regularly
Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose

disinfecting goods product protection

Disinfection system comprising a conveyor belt and disinfection equipment. It works using an ultraviolet light to correctly disinfect the goods without the need for chemicals.

Ultraviolet light has been used for decades to disinfect water, air and surfaces. Its use is widespread, for medical facilities and in other industries, to keep spaces duly disinfected. We offer our full assurance that it is highly effective against pathogens.

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