Strategic plan


Spain is a world leader in the ice for human consumption industry, and Know Ice is the benchmark engineering company in the design and installation of factories, machinery, systems and services, both in and out of Spain.


Aware of consumer needs, we lead the engineering service in the food chain ice and freezing room sector, from the correct handling of ammonia and a focus on quality and efficient production, to innovation and food safety.


  • Passionate about ice, the cold, ammonia and ecological innovation
  • Multifunctional teamwork
  • Innovators out of conviction and personal need
  • Professionalism and responsibility in all our actions
  • The Client always comes first

engineering and added value

We sell engineering knowledge for the design and installation of food chain ice factories, freezing rooms, machinery, systems and other services.

We stand out from the competition because, as co-owners of PROCUBITOS EUROPE, we have all the experience of the largest ice factory in Europe and a further six factories around the world. We offer guidance along the entire value and supply chains for the manufacture and commercialisation of ice for human consumption.

strategic pillars of growth

  • Creating and consolidating strategic alliances
  • Firm and steady business strategy
  • Expanding through new projects
  • Growing through the development and protection of intellectual assets
  • Designing, manufacturing and selling machinery